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Welcome to Wednesday’s edition of the “post,” our daily assemblage of the finest links the internet has to offer … or something like that.

In breaking news this afternoon, another Democratic polling firm has tested Gov. Nikki Haley’s approval rating. How’s she doing? Not bad …

According to the poll, 20 percent of registered voters think that Haley is doing an “excellent” job. Another 25 percent say she’s doing a “good” job. Sixteen percent rate her performance as “fair,” while 13 percent say she’s doing a “poor” job.

Twenty-five percent of voters are undecided.

The poll was conducted on Monday by Crantford and Associates, a Democratic polling firm based in Columbia, S.C. Its results generally jibe with the results of another Democratic poll released last week – although the undecided number for Haley was larger in that survey.

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Local TV station fires back at Nikki Haley … (WACH)
“The governor’s published comments are patently false …”

Haley war with local media goes national … (The Politico)

… and goes to Toledo … (Toledo on the Move)

With truth in hand, Haley wouldn’t resort to name-calling … (CCP)

Haley Affair rumors resurface … (HuffPo)

More coverage … (Media-ite)

Democrat: Haley is violating the constitution … (Examiner)

Haley says meeting didn’t violate state law … (Greenville News)
Lawyer: “People are watching what they are doing, and I hope that will make them adhere to the law.”

Haley still polling strong … (The State)
Forty-five percent of those surveyed rated Haley’s job performance as “excellent” or “good.”

… view poll HERE … (Crantford)

Haley tours emergency management division … (WACH)

Robert Ford puts foot in mouth, press gives Haley a free pass … (CCP)

FORD SCANDAL: “Brothas don’t work …” (AP)

FORD SCANDAL: More coverage … (NY Mag)

FORD SCANDAL: More coverage … (Newser)

FORD SCANDAL: More coverage … (Post and Courier)

FORD SCANDAL: More coverage … (WLTX)

Ford defends comments … (WSPA)

KEN ARD SCANDAL: The latest … (WACH)

KEN ARD SCANDAL: Mo Money, Mo Problems … (Charleston City Paper)

If only our public school kids were this smart … (GoUpstate)

SC Medicaid bailout pushes back crisis … (Reuters)

Government reorganization bill advances … (The State)
But bill would create “an executive budget office to coordinate budget requests by the governor’s cabinet agency.”

Haley attends jobs announcement in Charleston … (WCBD)

SC sees huge drop in illegal immigration … (Free Times)

Bill limiting lawsuits approved by House … (AP)

Panel approves rate cuts to doctors, hospitals … (The State)

Impact of DHHS cuts on Anderson company … (Anderson Independent)

SC Chief Justice asks lawmakers to exempt courts from cuts … (The State)
Toal: “You don’t get what you don’t ask for.”

Lawmakers pushing questionable incentives … (The Nerve)

New Milliken Chairman named … (GoUpstate)

SC lawmakers using “Leadership PACs” to amass power … (Free Times)

Charter school supporters rally … (WACH)

Supporters of “the arts” bitch about budget cuts … (Daily Gamecock)

Cut to Holocaust education urged, opposed … (AP)

Haley arts cuts make national news … (Washington Post)

More AIDS funding urged … (AP)

Bill: No Facebook for SC prisoners .. (First Amendment Center)

Oops … snow plows destroy road reflectors … (Free Times)

SC looks for answers … (Anderson Independent)

Orangeburg Massacre remembered … (T&D)

More on Georgia’s port-related backstabbing … (The Nerve)

USC: Is there a down side to private funding? (Free Times)

Mom who left newborn in toilet “can’t remember …” (AJC)

Speeding cameras discussed … (T&D)

Funny SC Twitter Page … (KenArdsDress)

Funny SC Twitter Page … (ShizSenFordSays)

BELOW: What we’re hearing from the S.C. Policy Council on Nikki Haley’s transparency problems …



Katie Couric will stay with CBS through 2012 elections … (Media Bistro)

2012 GOP hopefuls snubbing CNN … (NY Mag)

Early look at Obama’s re-elect chances … (Real Clear Politics)

All on the right, GOP hopefuls seek separation … (AP)

Candidates who say they’re not running … (CNN)

Too many Minnesotans running? (Washington Post)

CPAC and the GOP’s internal war … (Salon)

Navigating social-fiscal tension at CPAC … (Washington Post)

Poll spells trouble for Sarah Palin … or not … (US News)

How a Palin nomination helps Obama … (Washington Post)

Local law enforcement disputes “threats” that caused cancellation of Palin event … (TPM)

Haley Barbour loves up to Israel … (Jerusalem Post)

Rick Santorum weighs bid … (AP)

… and slams Palin, working moms … (Slate)

John Thune weighs bid … (State Column)

Two vulnerable U.S. Senators, two opposite paths on Tea Party … (CSM)

U.S. Sen. Jim Webb (D-Virginia) is retiring … (Washington Post)

BELOW: Nevada Senate loser Sharron Angle coming to SC … (AP)

Bible Thumpers get ready ...


BREAKING: U.S. Rep. Chris Lee (R-NY) resigns after inappropriate online flirting … (Washington Post)

BREAKING: The story that prompted his resignation … (Gawker)

SPENDING DEBATE: GOP releases proposed cuts … (LA Times)
Reductions “fall short of the $100 billion in cuts Republicans campaigned for last fall.”

SPENDING DEBATE: $35 billion in cuts is “sweeping?” (AP)

SPENDING DEBATE: Breaking down Obama’s plan … (Cato)

Obama, GOP found “common ground” at White House lunch … (CNN)

OBAMACARE: Support melting away … (Washington Post)

OBAMACARE: Democrats demand Clarence Thomas recuse himself … (Politico)

OBAMACARE: Why it’s hurting the economy … (AOL)

“Patriot Act” re-authorization fails in US House… (AFP)

… but not for long … (FOX)

Patriot Act Facts … (Foundry)

Patriot Act re-authorization fails … now what? (Cato)

Ben Bernanke wants to reassure lawmakers … (WSJ)

Bernanke grilled over bond-buying program … (Washington Post)

Bernake warns on budget … (UPI)

Bernanke: “Several years” till normal … (Politico)

Bernanke: No jobs, no recovery … (24/7 Wall St)

Ron Paul wants Bernanke to “just go away …” (Atlantic)

Housing back to pre-bubble prices … (MSN)

Domestic Spying: Is the Price Worth the Sacrifice of Privacy? (Network World)

Can states protect secret ballot for non-union workers? (Get Liberty)

Offshore drilling and the federal deficit … (The Foundry)

Gabrielle Giffords speaks … (MSNBC)

Kinda funny headline about that … (FOX)
“Gabrielle Giffords Spokesman Confirms She Is Speaking.”

Egypt crisis: Can Obama keep walking tightrope? (CSM)

White House: Mexican drug war not an “emergency …” (MSNBC)

California governor drops plan to sell buildings … (SF Gate)

BELOW: Florida governor praised for proposing “sharp cuts …” (Get Liberty)

A real budget-cutting gov ...


Columbia, SC makes people horny, baby … (WLTX)

At least one guy got lucky … (WIS)

Talking like we text … (AP)

Run for the border goes awry … (UPI)

Kentucky Mayor is a real bitch … (AOL)

Bad cop … (NBC Miami)

Ohio woman pulls herself over for DUI … (AP)

How not to gain street cred … (Anime News)

Funny name discrimination … (WTAE)

As good a place as any to hide it … (Smoking Gun)

No sex for Belgium lawmakers … (AOL)

There’s an app for confessing … (BBC)

BELOW: Tennessee Representative credits Hooters for her success … (AP)

The path to the presidency starts here ...


USC-Sumter to add men’s, women’s hoops … (The Item)

SCAR hoops: Gamecocks facing key home games … (Post and Courier)

SCAR hoops: Florida preview … (Miami Herald)

SCAR hoops: Florida living on the edge … (Gator Sports)

SCAR baseball: 2011 season previewed … (Bleacher Report)

Even without Jadeveon Clowney, Alabama FB class still No. 1 … (

“Anybody Can Compete” conference moving in right direction … (ESPN)

Suspended Georgia running back looking at his options … (Macon)

Auburn spent $170,000 on Cam Newton(-related legal fees) … (

Newton holding workout … (SN)

Looking back: Who really had the best recruiting classes? (SI)

SCAR FB: Gamecocks ready to thrive in 2011 … (Bleacher Report)

SCAR FB: Analyst grades USC’s 2010 season … (ESPN)

XLV ticket fallout: lawsuit filed … (Washington Post)

NFL, labor union meeting in DC … (ABC)

Disgruntled Bengals QB Carson Palmer selling house … (FOX Sports)

But did he get to hang out afterward? (Golf)

BELOW: New PAC-10 domain name in jeopardy thanks to … Tupac? (Deadspin)

I ain't mad atcha ...


Lindsay Lohan charged with felony grand theft … (People)

… and Jewelry story owners are sorry? (TMZ)

What Lindsay Lohan wears to court … (WWTDD)

Ashlee Simpson-Pete Wentz split up … (USA Today)

Timeline of their love … (MTV)

Here’s why they split … (People)

Katy Perry and Russell Brand already need therapy … (Life and Style)

Candace Swanepoel’s tan lines are TOUGH … (Beer Goggler)

Brooklyn Decker is ba-DAM-ulous … (The Superficial)

More coverage … (WWTDD)

Miley Cyrus regrets hitting that bong … (EW)

Spend some time in Georgia … (Beer Goggler)

Still not sure how Billy Zane scored this … (Double Viking)

Your daily dose of Mila Kunis … (Maxim)

FINALLY: Congrats to SCGOP executive director Joel Sawyer and his wife, Anna. The couple just found out they’re having a baby boy.