Here’s Katy Perry in Mexico City giving lessons on how you sell a celebrity fragrance …

Perry’s scent (her bottled scent, anyway) is called “Prrrr” and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t making that prrrrrrecise sound right now. In fact, there are a dozen or so stray cats outside our office rrrrrrright now – wookin’ pa nub, yo.

Anyway, if “Prrrr” doesn’t smell like morning-after stripper musk then we’re gonna be prrrrrtty damn disappointed. After all we just ordered like eleventy kabillion casks of the stuff … and we have every expectation that it will take us back to that time at Thee Southern Belle in North Chuck, S.C. when we learned that if you have enough money strippers will let you touch them.

Eureka, right?

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