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S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley built her political brand by pushing for more transparency in government – and to her credit, those efforts (and the efforts of others) have resulted in a roll call voting bill passing the S.C. House of Representatives two years in a row.

It hasn’t become law yet, but we’re hopeful this is the year …

Unfortunately, Haley has demonstrated on multiple occasions that she doesn’t think transparency should apply to her – whether it’s her lax income disclosure, her convenient amnesia regarding a 2007 taxpayer-funded flight to China or all of those taxpayer-funded emails she refused to release last year when she was accused of having multiple extramarital affairs.

Seriously … whatever happened to Haley’s legislative emails? Or the hard drives that contained them?

Obviously Haley invoked a legislative exemption last year to keep her taxpayer-funded correspondence private, but what did she ever do with the contents of those government-provided computers? To say nothing of the machines themselves?

Anyway, now that Haley is in office, her transparency charade continues to be exposed – along with her commitment to “limited government.”

As a candidate, Haley promised that she would end former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford’s practice of conducting state business on personal or private email accounts. Presumably, that meant she would conduct taxpayer business out in the open – where we can see it.

Apparently not …

According to The (Columbia, S.C.) State newspaper, Haley has not sent a single message from her government-provided email address since she was elected. Additionally, she has used her state-provided cell phone just three times since Nov. 2.


Not only that, Haley – who promised that she would release a detailed public schedule – has totally flaked on that commitment, somehow managing to provide even less information than Sanford did.

“For a candidate who campaigned with promises of transparency and taking government back, Haley isn’t exactly living up to the standards she set for herself,” an editorial in Sunday’s editions of The Daily Gamecock noted.

True that …

Haley abandoned her commitment to transparency the second it actually required that she be transparent herself – and she has continued to backtrack ever since.

Kinda makes you wonder what she’s hiding, doesn’t it?

Pic: Travis Bell Photography