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Reaction to S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s first “State of the State” address continued to pour in on Thursday, dominating the Palmetto news cycle.

Haley’s first major policy address has been generally well-received by state lawmakers, political insiders and the mainstream media – although we found it to sorely lacking in new ideas. In fact, we described it as “a bunch of meaningless feelgood rhetoric and regurgitated (Mark) Sanford policies – a pep rally-style speech that was long on optimism, but short on new ideas.”

(To read our recap of Haley’s speech, click here).

Lawmakers are giving Haley positive reviews in the press, but several have told us privately that her plan to give them “report cards” at the end of each session should not have been included in her speech.

“I don’t have a problem with her grading us but save that for a press conference in your own office,” one lawmaker told us privately. “Don’t come into our house with that.”

Sheesh … what a bunch of whiners. Frankly, Haley’s plan to grade lawmakers is one of the few (potentially) positive, pro-taxpayer things she’s done in recent weeks. We just hope her report cards include substantive new proposals … not the recycled reforms and half-measures she unveiled Wednesday night.

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FINALLY: Happy birthday to the lovely Sarah V., wife of our occasional sports (and Scarlett Johannson) columnist Steve V.