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One of the good things about leaving public office is you don’t have to worry about people taking embarrassing photos of you while you’re drunk.

Take S.C. Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, who was spotted looking more than a wee bit wasty-faced Saturday night at the Tin Roof bar in downtown Columbia, S.C.. In fact, one onlooker snapped a picture of Bauer with a pair of lady friends – clearly enjoying his final weekend as “SC 2.”

It’s worth noting that Bauer – a fitness nut – says he doesn’t drink because he “doesn’t like the taste of alcohol.”

Hmmmm … wonder what he “got a hold of” (or what “got a hold of” him)?

Anyway, Bauer left office on Wednesday after eight years as Lt. Governor. During that time, he did nothing of consequence other than getting caught speeding, crashing an airplane and comparing poor people to stray animals.

Oh … and he’s being replaced by a tax-and-spend RINO.

Way to go, South Carolina … way to go.