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Full Metal Wilson



In September 2009, U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson (RINO-S.C.) was well on his way to becoming a Bob Inglis-style casualty of the Tea Party movement. That’s when he took a few too many caffeine pills and yelled “You Lie” at U.S. President Barack Obama during a nationally-televised presidential address on socialized medicine.


Tea partiers can’t get enough of the guy … despite the fact that he’s one of many fiscally liberal Republicans who supported the TARP bailout (before it was “sweetened” with so-called free market incentives) as well as dozens of other big-spending bills that were passed during the Bush years.

Nonetheless, Wilson’s infamous remark has been immortalized in Tea Party lore … proving once again that politicians will “say anything” to stay one gust ahead of the shifting political winds.

Wilson’s remark has also been immortalized on a new limited edition AR-15 lower receiver … which for those of you who don’t “speak gun” is a main component of the most widely-used assault rifle in the world.

Check it out …

(Click to enlarge)

Pic: Palmetto State Armory

Hmmmm … wonder how many of these will get sold if President Obama confirms he’s coming to South Carolina in April?

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