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One of our loyal readers in the Holy City (a.k.a. Charleston, S.C.) was quite miffed upon receiving Monday’s installment of the “post.”

Why? Apparently it wasn’t “cleavage-y” enough for him.

“You’ve already run out of cleavage shots for this?” he protested.

Well, no … we haven’t run out of “cleavage shots.” That’s not possible. Of course as hard as it is for some people to imagine, there’s more to life than cleavage. Well … at least that’s what we told our founding editor after he instructed us to “make sure there’s some cleavage” in today’s installment of the “post.”

As usual, if you’ve got a link that you would like us to include in the “post,” feel free to email it to us or submit it anonymously on our contact page.

And yes … blog posts and random photos are welcome. Also, if you’re interested in sponsoring an installment, click here.



The Mark Sanford farewell tour begins … (Rock Hill Herald)

Major national love for Nikki Haley … (The Atlantic)

Haley makes health care pick … (AP)

Sanford releases proposed spending plan … (The State)

Sanford budget a shot at General Assembly, Haley … (Process Story)

Sanford budget calls for merging school districts … (AP)

Jim DeMint toots his own horn … (National Journal)

Joe Wilson is still over-caffeinated … (Times and Democrat)

Bobby Harrell pulls the wool over Tea Party eyes … (Post and Courier)

… more on that here … (The Blogland of Earl Capps)

Aiken Tea Party drama … (SC Hotline)

SCGOP makes fund-raising pitch … (SCGOP)

Tim Scott, Jeff Duncan named House Whips … (Post and Courier)

The 2010 Discusties: Person of the Year countdown #4 Will Folks … (The Discust)

SC manufacturing taxes are high … (via Island Packet)

Tax fight looming … (Post and Courier)

Sanford chief of staff to appear on internet radio show … (Process Story)

Bills target legislature’s lop-sided power … (The Nerve)

Columbia Mayor discusses his first six months … (WACH)

… while his city manager sheds some pounds … (WLTX)

Field for SC District 64 election expands … (Sumter Item)

Andre Bauer’s taxpayer-funded blanket blitz continues … (SC Now)

Below: Random question … what did former S.C. First Lady Jenny Sanford discover recently while cleaning up the S.C. Governor’s Mansion?

The Maria "Love Logs?"


GOP looking at 2012 “free for all” (Bloomberg)

Open slot in 2012 GOP field for fiscal Tea Party candidate … (Washington Post)

What the early 2012 polls tell us … (Huffington Post)

Presidential hopefuls will honor Reagan in Illinois … (The Politico)

Evangelicals to host forum in Iowa … (Des Moines Register)

Something about this Newt Gingrich visit smells fishy … (WMBF News)

Rick Santorum is in no hurry … (The Politico)

… except when it comes to talking trash … (National Journal)

Indiana’s Mike Pence looks like he isn’t running … (Washington Independent)

… or is he? (The Politico)

Why Mike Huckabee is worth watching … (Guardian)

The Sarah Palin “Tweet Index” (Slate)

Palin “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Tweet confusion … (ABC)

How a second reality TV season could impact Palin’s candidacy … (Alaska Dispatch)


Dems, GOP spar over health care … (The Politico)

5 reasons why the GOP is smart to vote on repeal … (The Atlantic)

GOP to Obama … “join us …” (AP)

Barack Obama’s South American appeasement … (Get Liberty)

PBS all about communist propaganda … (Cotton Boll Conspiracy)

Debt at $14 trillion … (CBS)

Howard Rich: Stopping The Descent (Liberty Features)

An Obama bump? (Washington Post)

Democrats love filibustering, too … (The Foundry)

Big feature on Mitch McConnell (The Atlantic)

2011: Year of the Constitution … (Cato)

USS Enterprise captain boldly went too far … (Guardian UK)

December auto sales raise hopes … (CNN Money)

Dollar rises on economic growth hopes … (MarketWatch)

DNA databases … be afraid, be very afraid … (Forbes)

… unless you’re wrongly imprisoned … (AFP)

New Florida governor gets cracking … (AP)


This could get interesting … (Twitter)

Brad Warthen actually did something cool … (Brad Warthen)

The Minivan is back … (NYT)

Midlands, SC nurse Jennifer Hopka is NSFW … (Jim Hancock)

Beaver to the rescue … (Register UK)

You never sausage a thing … (WLS Radio)


Dabo Swinney: Desperately seeking offense (in Tulsa) … (Post and Courier)

Dabo has a decision to make … (Sumter Item)

5 questions for Gamecock offense … (Gamecock Central)

And 5 other questions for all Gamecocks … (via Herald Online)

SEC East could be worse in 2011 … (Anderson Independent)

FSU’s future so bright they gotta wear shades … (Orlando Sentinel)

USC basketball update (not good) … (via Post and Courier)

Jets deny wrongdoing in Favre flap … (USA Today)

ESPN fires Ron Franklin for sexist comments … (Fanhouse)

Cam Newton: Oregon D is “very exquisite” (Portland Tribune)

Columnist: Oregon will roll (Fanhouse)

Rich Rodriguez reportedly fired at Michigan (ESPN)


Jennifer Garner in a bikini (The Beer Goggler)

LeAnn Rimes got breast implants (The Superficial)

Lindsay Lohan already violating probation (WWTDD)

Salma Hayak bikini tour rolls on … (Hollywood Tuna)

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber? What? (PopEater)

Arnold Schwarzenegger tagged with parking ticket … (TMZ)

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal break up … (People)

Ahhh, Coco … (PopEater)

Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp: Wrinkled Love? (US News)