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We’re having trouble counting all of things that are “right” with these pictures …

First of all it’s Stephanie Seymour … one of our founding editor’s late 80’s, early 90’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit fantasies. Like Elle Macpherson and Cindy Crawford, Seymour’s SI spreads were foundational fantasies for a teen-aged Sic Willie … as were the Guns N’ Roses videos that Seymour starred in.

Second, the 42-year-old model has attained some positively MILFtactular dimensions … upstairs and downstairs. Radiohead’s “Everything In Its Right Place” comes to mind, although we’re sure that the “Insect” will weigh in on our amateur assessment with the cold hard lens of professional objectivity.

So what … as far as we’re concerned, the older the berry the sweeter the … never mind.

Anyway, as if one of our all-time favorite hotties (gone MILF) prancing around in a bikini on the beach at St. Barts wasn’t enough to get our motors running, Seymour is clearly frolicking someplace where it’s a titty bit nipply.

Not only that … in a few of these pics she appears to be auditioning for a spot on the Clemson ladies’ rowing team.

So … what could possibly spoil such a magical moment (well, aside from a glaring absence of freckles)?

Yeah … the kid in the pink Euro trunks is Seymour’s teen-aged son, Dylan Andrews.

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Pics: via The Beer Goggler