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For the last year or so, we’ve watched with profound sadness the decline not only of Lady Liberty (a.k.a. the U.S.A.) … but also of Lindsay Lohan, one of our all-time favorite pop princesses.

Lohan was our muse … the yin to our founding editor’s yang (or at least to his “freckle fetish“). Sadly, Lohan’s descent into alcohol and drug-induced madness has stolen her glow and is on the verge of ending her career.

It shouldn’t be that way …

In fact, of all the possible uses for time travel that we’ve ever heard hypothesized … the eternal preservation of Lohan (circa Mean Girls) has to be at the top of the list. Seriously, what could possibly be more important than freezing such a shining moment in time?

Anyway, at the apex of our grief over Lohan’s unfortunate and ongoing unraveling, we have managed to find comfort in a South Carolina original who is giving the Freckle Queen a run for her red-haired money.

Our new muse’s name? Kathryn Dennis …

Dennis, 19, is the recruitment chairwoman for the University of South Carolina College Republicans. The 19-year–old – who models in her spare time – describes herself as a “small town girl with big-time dreams,” and based on what we’ve seen those dreams will most assuredly be coming true as soon as people come face-to-face with her breathless beauty.

Seriously, people … this girl is train smoke hot … strong as ghost’s breath … and built like a brick barnyard.

A former State House page, Dennis has also interned for S.C. Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer … but it’s her political pedigree that has people buzzing.

Not only is she the granddaughter of the famed Rembert C. Dennis – who served nearly five decades in the S.C. General Assembly (including 45 years in the S.C. Senate) – but she’s also related to John C. Calhoun, arguably the most famous politician the Palmetto state has ever produced.

In fact, “Calhoun” is Kathryn’s middle name.

To check out some of Kathryn’s modeling pics, click on any of the thumbnails below … in the meantime, watch out for her as she continues making her mark on the S.C. political scene …

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Pics: Model Mayhem, Various