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Let’s be blunt, shall we?

The American War Between the States (a.k.a. “The Civil War” or “The War of Northern Aggression”) was about one thing and one thing only – slavery. Sure, some people say it was about “states rights” (and technically, they’re correct) but the “right” in question was the right to secede – over slavery.

Slavery is the very embodiment of a “root cause,” and anybody who disagrees with that premise isn’t worth wasting your breath on.

Anyway, earlier this month we published a highly-trafficked post about a “Secession Ball” taking place in Charleston, S.C. – an article that has resulted in our founding editor being described as a “partisan” advocate of secession.

He’s not … at least not now, anyway.

Like our founding editor, we believe that American states ought to have the right to secede from the union if they want … and we believe that there may come a time when such a course of action is advisable for the Palmetto state. For now, though, we believe that South Carolinians (and their leaders) should try to turn this state into something that America would actually miss if it decided to secede … rather than a high unemployment, dirt poordumb as dirt, fat and lazy (in)breeding ground for backwoods ass backwardness.

Oh, and in the event that secession ever does become an option worth pursuing … let’s hope and pray it’s not the blue bloods over at Bushwood leading the charge, but rather a color-blind assemblage of true free market leaders whose goals are long-overdue academic opportunity, economic prosperity and individual liberty for all 4.5 million citizens of this state.

Unfortunately, those aren’t the goals of the legislative tyranny that’s currently running this state (into the ground). South Carolina’s current ruling “Republican” majority is about as diverse as it is Republican … which is to say “not very.” Hell, just look at how they party …

Yeah …

Sadly, this sort of thing is nothing new. And while South Carolina just elected a minority governor, the real “Republican” rulers in this state still belong to “whites only” country clubs and debutante societies – and like to crack jokes about how lazy black people are or how the nation’s first African-American first lady resembles a gorilla that escaped from a local zoo.

Sure, a lot of black people are lazy … but so are a lot of white people (including some of the fat ass racist RINOs making the jokes).

All this is by way of saying that right is right and wrong is wrong … and in determining the difference between the two “it don’t matter if you’re black or white,” as Michael Jackson once noted. And he should know … having been both black and white.

Racism … like slavery before it … is a categorical wrong, a belief system that should never have existed and which should be wiped forever from the face of the earth. But affirmative action, glorified reparations and other race-based government handouts are also categorical wrongs … despite the fact that many who lobby for these programs do so with altruistic motivations.

In other words it is NOT the job of government to provide internet access to every “nappy headed child” in America, it is the job of government to create the conditions whereby that nappy-headed child can walk to the light on his or her own strength.

This isn’t revisionist history being applied to 1860s or 1960s America – the truth is perpetuating the enslavement of poor (mostly black) South Carolinians is every bit as wrong as the most evil overseer giving them the lash. Wrong then … wrong now … wrong always.

Disagree with that statement?

Then ask S.C. Superintendent of Education Jim Rex why South Carolina (which is spending record amounts on public education) is the only state in the nation that refuses to release its minority graduation rate … and then ask S.C. corrections director Jon Ozmint what color are most of the faces on the other side of the prison bars?

At the end of the day, these people are still slaves … as are a whole host of dumb, racist white people who rally around the symbols of the fallen Confederacy because these relics make them feel as if there’s still a class of people beneath them.

Well there isn’t …

Those who gathered for (and those who protested) the “Secession Ball” in Charleston are missing the point.

Rising tides built on free market principles really do lift all ships … whereas the culture of government dependence (if permitted to continue) will take all of us down.

Either way, whatever form of government we choose, we’re all in this together.