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Back when our founding editor was in elementary school (during the Carter administration) there was never any discussion about “corporal punishment” at South Carolina’s public schools.

It was just the way things were, and as a result Sic Willie – a chronically disobedient child (go figure) – got his backside tanned … repeatedly. Fortunately, his principal used one of those wafer-thin paddleball “racquets” and had a pretty weak forehand.

Today, though … the notion of “corporal punishment” being used to correct a child has been widely rebuked, particularly in a public setting.

That could be changing, though …

Under new legislation pre-filed by S.C. Rep. Joan Brady (RINO-Richland) and Kit Spires (R-Lexington), corporal punishment of minor children would be authorized in certain situations provided that written parental consent had been obtained.

From the bill:

Corporal punishment may not be administered except when authorized in writing by the parent or guardian of the child. If corporal punishment is administered, it must:

(1) be perpetrated for the sole purpose of restraining or correcting the child;

(2) be reasonable in manner and moderate in degree;

(3) not bring about permanent or lasting damage to the child; and

(4) not be reckless or grossly negligent behavior.”

Wow …

Guess the long arm of South Carolina’s nanny state is about to extend all the way to the backsides of our children.

In addition to its spanking provisions, this bill also requires the S.C. Department of Social Services (DSS) to provide additional training to all new registered family child care providers – presumably on how to follow through when “smacking that ass.”

H. 3201