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Because some elected officials clearly have no compunction whatsoever when it comes to blowing tax dollars on totally unnecessary expenses, here is a (gay?) artist’s rendering of West Columbia, S.C.’s proposed $200,000 fountain … part of the city’s ongoing $10.7 million beautification plan.

From an exceedingly-glowing review of the project published in The (Columbia, S.C.) State newspaper:

Beautification suffered a slight setback last year when the foundation and the city lost about 100 daylilies and a few rose bushes planted in the median between the Kmart and Maurice’s Piggy Park. The asphalt road bed is about six inches below the soil and held water so long that the plants drowned, said city public works director Charles Garren.

The foundation and the city have not decided what plants should replace them.

You know, we’re not sure what’s more un-flippingbelievable … that tax dollars are being wasted to replant daylilies or that the (one-time) largest newspaper in the state is giving the project a friggin’ Martha Stewart Living-style review instead of ripping it a new asshole.

By the way, if you think West Columbia taxpayers are the only ones taking it up the yin-yang for this nonsense, think again … both the state of South Carolina and the federal government have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the project.