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What is reform?

Is it a process or an objective?

Is it an art or a science?

Is it always a fierce battle with all sides staking out their positions, leaving little chance for negotiation? Or can reform be the product of reasonable discourse and compromise?

Is reform simply a high-profile public relations campaign, without the groundwork to ensure that goals are actually reached? Or can it be accomplished with unassuming officers of the state who take the time to build a solid foundation?

Is reform an agreement which makes politicians look great, but neglects the interest of the taxpayers? Or is it, by definition, an improvement that is meaningful to the people we serve?

These are not rhetorical questions – these are the real questions that I ask and answer every day.

My campaign speeches were simple and straightforward. I spoke vigorously for “meaningful, sober, and measurable reform.” I often asked the audience to pray for the South Carolina political class of 2010. My hope was that we would enter office with humility and a sense of service, rather than excessive pride or arrogance.

I promise as I move into office that I will remember that it was the average citizen that voted for me. It is my responsibility to advance the public’s interest, not my own and not those of the political class or entrenched special interest groups.

Sometimes this will require a political battle. Sometimes it will call for reasoned negotiation. Occasionally, meeting this responsibility will require my silence. No matter what, it will always require that I advocate for the needs of every citizen of this state, whether through great strides or by taking small steps.

I work for the people of South Carolina. My job is to advance their interests, and I intend to do just that.

Be well,


Curtis M Loftis, Jr.
State of South Carolina

P.S. I’d like to wish everyone and their families a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. My prayers are with those serving overseas and their families here at home, thank you for all you do.