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michael haley and south carolina governor nikki haley

In the latest sign that future “First Gentleman” Michael Haley is “all in” when it comes to advancing his wife’s political career, the former failed businessman-turned-National Guardsman has been named to his wife’s transition team.

Michael Haley was one of fourteen individuals selected by South Carolina Gov.-elect Nikki Haley to serve on the advisory panel – which will counsel her on appointments and other matters as she prepares to take office in January.

What’s funny about that?

The “Haley Taps Husband” headlines, naturally …

Rumors have abounded over the last few weeks regarding the Haleys’ marital status – with many sources telling FITS (and other media outlets) that Michael moved out after two men claiming to have had extramarital affairs with Haley signed sworn affidavits attesting to the veracity of their claims.

Haley has refused to sign an affidavit.

Anyway, those rumors appeared to have been put to bed during the final days of the 2010 campaign when Michael aggressively campaigned on his wife’s behalf. Days after the election, however, they were revived when it was announced that the Haleys would be maintaining two residences after her inauguration – ostensibly so their children would not have to attend downtown Columbia, S.C.’s crappy public schools.

Guess this announcement will put the rumors back on the back burner … for now.