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S.C. Gov.-elect Nikki Haley’s Punjabi relatives are jubilant over her election and eager for her to come to India as soon as possible so that she may “pay obeisance” at the holy Sikh temple of Harmandar Sahib.

For Sikhs, paying obeisance involves making a pilgrimage to the sanctum sanctorum of the Harmandar Sahib, also known as the “Golden Temple.” Before paying obeisance in the temple, however, devotees must take a holy dip in the water pond of Temple at the marbled periphery – with the understanding that this holy dip washes away “all their bad deeds of previous births.”

Haley’s parents – who migrated from India – are practicing Sikhs. Haley says she became a Methodist after marrying her husband, Michael.

Apparently her Punjab family hasn’t received that message yet …

From The Hindustan Times:

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Kanwaljit Singh Randhawa, Pritam Singh’s son and cousin of Nikki, said, “Nikki has made the entire family proud. Ever since Nikki got elected, there have been congratulatory messages coming to our house. This is a big feat and we are very happy.”

Telling us more about Nikki, the proud cousin said, “My uncle Dr. Ajit Randhawa and (his) wife had come here many times but Nikki has only visited us once when she was three years old. But now, when she has achieved this big success, we want her to come to the holy city and pay obeisance at Harmandar Sahib and thank the almighty. We are waiting to see her.”

“Nikki has been (interested) in politics since her youth. She talked about politics. Now when she has achieved a major success, we hope that she will address the problems of the people in best manner,” he added.

“Although my Uncle Dr. Ajit Randhawa and others were supposed to visit Amritsar in December but now since Nikki is very busy, they may have to delay their visit,” he added.

About any of their plans to go to USA, he said “We are very eager to go. But since Nikki is busy and (traveling), we plan to leave for USA in January or February next year.”

Charanjit Kaur, also a family member said, “The mood in the house has been very upbeat and we wish to meet Nikki very soon.”

The family also possesses a collection of pictures of Nikki and her parents. They have quite a few pictures of Nikki as a child. Nikki’s original sikh name is Nimrata Randhawa.

The article adds that Haley’s relatives – who live in the town of Verka (just four miles from the Golden Temple) – have been besieged by well-wishers in the wake of her gubernatorial victory. In fact the road outside their house has reportedly been “buzzing with activity.”

Meanwhile back in America, the Charleston Post and Courier has decided to “pay obeisance” to Haley – which reminds us of this website’s editorial bent back in the day. Of course way back when Haley was a real reformer fighting for taxpayers- not a middling politician looking only to advance her career at all costs.

As for us?

We bow down exclusively to the “bow wow,” people. And Jobu from Major League.

UPDATE: Just kidding … Sic Willie is a Lutheran (although he was raised a Calvinist).

Pic: Hindustan Times