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Looking for an easy $260,000 to eliminate from the upcoming S.C. budget? Palmetto state leaders should be … although given the fact that they just passed the largest budget in state history in the middle of a recession, odds are they’re going to look for ways to continue wasting, not saving your money when they return to Columbia next year.

Surprise, surprise … right?

These fiscal liberals campaign as conservatives, then turn around and spend money like drunken sailors.

Anyway, the $260,000 we’re referring to currently funds a taxpayer-funded indoctrination program called the “S.C. School Improvement Council.” Not only does this “council” get a $100,000 line item in the University of South Carolina’s budget each year, it also gets money from the Education Improvement Act, from grants and contributions and various “other” sources.

What does it do?

Well, according to its mission statement, the organization exists “to promote and support civic engagement for quality public education in South Carolina. In reality, though, the group establishes local “improvement councils” that enthusiastically support decisions made by South Carolina’s eighty-five local school districts – providing a ready-made rubber stamp for bureaucratic waste and inefficiency as well as a built-in pro-district propaganda outfit.

What does it not do?

Improve our schools.

Despite another round of record funding increases, South Carolina’s overall graduation rate remains among the worst in the nation – which is consistent with our state’s declining SAT and stagnating ACT scores.  Also, South Carolina’s rural graduation rate currently ranks dead last in the country. Meanwhile, our overall graduation rate has improved by a meager 1.5 percent over the last decade – one of the worst percentage improvements in the entire country.

Also, at this very moment there are 109,000 South Carolina school children trapped in persistently failing schools.

To read more on this ridiculousness, check out this post from our friends at The Voice.

Oh … and once this totally unnecessary program has been eliminated, let’s follow the suggestion of S.C. Senator Tom Davis and actually give this money back to the taxpayers instead of spending it on something else.