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Every so often we get forwarded a YouTube link with a message from someone saying “I know this video is two minutes long but you should really check it out” or “this is three minutes but you HAVE to watch it.”

And sometimes we take the bait …

But eight minutes?

Forgeet It, Queekdraw … we’re way too attention deficit disordered for something that long. Unless of course there’s music and plenty of synaptic stimulation, like porn … or Death Cab for Cutie’s “I Will Possess Your Heart,” for example (eight minutes we highly recommend).

Anyway, we assume that Republican Cyndi Mosteller – who has emerged over the past month as South Carolina’s preeminent Nikki Haley hater – had something important to say in an eight-minute video she forwarded us (above). She may even have had something important and interesting to say.

Heck, she may have even taken her top off … but we’ll never know because there’s just no way in hell we were going to spend eight minutes finding out.

Anyway, assuming you’ve got that kind of time on your hands, feel free to give us your Reader’s Digest reaction in our comments section below …