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S.C. Rep. Nikki Haley has made State Senator Vincent Sheheen’s alleged support of Barack Obama’s socialized medicine a centerpiece of her gubernatorial campaign.

“He’s a liberal who backs the Obama spending and health care disasters,” Haley’s campaign said in a recent ad attacking Sheheen.

Of course this week Haley is welcoming one of the original advocates of socialized medicine – former Massachusetts Governor (and perpetual presidential candidate) Mitt Romney – to South Carolina to appear at a series of campaign stops on her behalf.

“Nikki Haley has spent months misleading the voters on Vincent Sheheen’s position on mandated healthcare, but brings in the father of mandated healthcare to campaign with her,” Sheheen spokesman Kristin Cobb said in a statement. “She claims to be against healthcare mandates but I guess $60,000 will make her ignore the facts.”

In addition to his endorsement, Haley’s campaign has received $60,000 from Romney and his PAC.

In 2006, Romney signed a socialized medicine bill in Massachusetts that mandated coverage and imposed fines on individuals who did not purchase it. Like “Obamacare,” Romney’s plan used these fines to help pay for expanded entitlement spending.

Along with a host of other flip-flops and hypocrisies, “Romneycare” was one of the main reasons that FITS aggressively opposed Romney’s presidential campaign in 2008 – which stumbled to a fourth-place finish in the Palmetto state.