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S.C. Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom is a creepy old man who in all likelihood got excessively riled up earlier this year and chucked a garage door opener at his star-crossed soul mate, former Republican Superintendent of Education candidate Kelly Payne.

He’s got some “issues,” in other words … which is pretty obvious from reading his emails to Payne, with whom he has carried on a long-term extramarital affair.

Bunny Boiler, anyone?

Nevertheless, assuming that Eckstrom can refrain from Glenn Close-ing anybody over the next four years, we see nothing in his performance as Comptroller General (i.e. the job we pay him to do) to justify removing him from office. Not only has he always voted in a manner consistent with the taxpayers’ best interests, but he’s one of the few elected officials who has actively enhanced government transparency … rather than just talking about it.

Again … that’s a rare thing in a state full of big-spending “GOP” blowhards.

Accordingly, barring the release of any new information related to his alleged threatening behavior, we’re going to recommend reelecting Eckstrom to a third term as Comptroller General.

Let’s just hope he checks himself before he wrecks himself …