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the Tea Party | Nikki Haley

Hopefully, most people will select their next governor on the basis of something other than his or her ability to tell the truth or not regarding extramarital sex.

Seriously … lying about a little indiscreet boot-knockin’ doesn’t impede one’s abilities to raise grocery taxes, abandon children trapped in failing schools or give up on holding lawmakers accountable when it comes to the state budget, does it?

Of course not … and we hope that in picking their poison next month (i.e. liberal Obamaphile Vincent Sheheen or transparently hypocritical Republican Nikki Haley) South Carolina voters will make a decision that they believe to be in the best interest of their wallets and pocketbooks.

Yet for those of you still hooked on “Haley-Gate” (and judging by our traffic counters, that’s most of you), The Charleston City Paper has just published the most exhaustive report on the Nikki Haley-Will Folks affair “rumors” to date. And yes (unlike this article) … it’s a cover story.

While there is plenty of previously unreleased material included in the City Paper report (penned by Chris Haire), we’d like to point readers to one specific excerpt involving reporter Corey Hutchins of The (Columbia, S.C.) Free Times – one of several media outlets that was actively investigating the Folks-Haley story prior to it breaking.

On May 13, after talking to a dozen sources and having numerous conversations, Hutchins felt that the time had arrived to speak to Folks directly. “We had a pretty long conversation. He didn’t admit to it. He didn’t deny it,” Hutchins says. “I told him in that conversation I was probably going to write a story about it.”

Obviously, that’s another, more detailed confirmation of what our founding editor originally stated in his May 24 confession. Previously, The Free Times has acknowledged that it was investigating the Haley-Folks affair, but as far as we can tell this is the first time a reporter has gone on the record acknowledging that Folks himself knew such a story was coming.

Now, does this prove that an affair took place?

Certainly not … no more than Folks and Haley’s late-night phone calls, or Haley campaign manager Tim Pearson’s “I think we both deny it” and “i’m telling you man, we keep this under wraps and (Haley) is going to win” text messages. And certainly no more than Haley’s refusal to release her taxpayer-funded emails or sign an affidavit attesting to the veracity of her public statements, as both of her accusers have done.

It does, however, provide additional proof that our founding editor was telling the truth regarding his reasons for coming forward.

Anyway, to read the City Paper report in its entirety, click here.

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