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(Editor’s Note: This is an email from a political candidate. It does not necessarily reflect the editorial position of To submit your organization’s polling information for publication, click here).


A new poll released today proves what we already knew – Vincent Sheheen has captured the momentum in the race to be South Carolina’s next governor.

News reports stated just a few weeks ago that Nikki Haley had a 17-point lead. Yet a national pollster just released two polls conducted a week apart that show a dramatic shift towards Vincent Sheheen. Hamilton Campaigns conducted a survey last week that gave Haley a 51%-41% lead with 8% undecided. The second poll, conducted this week, shows Vincent cutting the lead in half to 49%-44%.

Read the pollster’s analysis:

“Bottomline – As voters have begun to tune in to this race, the margin between the two candidates has been cut in half in a short period of time. Given the rapid movement and voter discontent with Mark Sanford, this race has certainly become one to watch over the closing weeks of the campaign.” (View entire poll results)

This race is a dead heat and Vincent Sheheen is the candidate on the move. It’s not surprising that Vincent has the momentum in this race because voters are learning troubling new things about Nikki Haley on a daily basis. Trust has become the dominant issue in the last few weeks and South Carolinians are beginning to realize that they cannot trust Nikki Haley. Help keep the momentum going. Donate today and spread the word by forwarding this email to friends and family. We need your help to close the deal.