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Shame on the Palmetto state’s “lamestream” media for giving a hall pass to soon-to-be former S.C. Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer in the wake of his boneheaded decision to re-hire ethically-challenged ex-Secretary of State Jim Miles.

We get it … Bauer is leaving office in four-and-a-half months and immune to public accountability at this point, but this is a guy he fired sixteen months ago, and with good reason.

In fact, in the sixteen months since Bauer fired Miles for his role in “Senior Scam” (a juicy little pay-to-play scheme that sought to leverage Office on Aging resources on behalf of a for-profit shakedown run by Miles), two states have shut down pyramid scams that were connected to the one-time statewide official and 2002 GOP gubernatorial candidate.

Seriously, Bauer has taken one of the least reputable public figures in South Carolina history and (once again) put him in a position to manipulate our state’s seniors.

That’s totally unacceptable given Miles’ history of exploiting people for personal gain.

We broke this story four days ago hoping that common sense would prevail … but apparently it didn’t.

Shame on Miles for being a scammer, shame on Bauer for putting him in a position of public trust and shame on the state’s legacy media for letting them get away with it.