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nikki haley | the tea party

Tea Party activists aren’t protesting the campaign of S.C. Republican gubernatorial nominee Nikki Haley … at least not yet.

Of course try telling that to The Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan tax research group based in Washington, D.C. that prides itself on its “independence and credibility.”

Here’s an excerpt from the Tax Foundation’s recent review of several changes that are being proposed to South Carolina’s tax code – including a grocery tax increase that has received Haley’s support:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley was recently protested by Tea Party activists for her support of eliminating the grocery exemption to eliminate the corporate income tax.

Wait … what? Nikki Haley protested by the Tea Party?

When did this happen?

We clicked on the link provided by the Tax Foundation and were led to none other than The Discust, one of our favorite South Carolina political websites. Of course here’s the thing about The Discust … it’s not real.

Well, The Discust is real (duh, you can click on it) … the stories it covers aren’t real, though.

Like The Onion, it’s all satire … entertainment.

In fact, here’s an excerpt from the post that fooled the Tax Foundation folks:

In an emergency meeting on Wednesday in Washington, DC, the National Association of Southern Tea-bagging Youth (NASTY) retracted their endorsement of Haley.


Good stuff …

The Discust has made us laugh out loud on numerous occasions in the past – like the time they wrote a story about S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford “tapping” Bridget Keeney to replace Kristin Maguire after the latter resigned from the S.C. Board of Education (Keeney is Maguire’s alleged erotic pen name).

They’ve also had some fun at our founding editor’s expense.

“Candidates around the state have been claiming to be screwed by (Will) Folks’ website Fits News for years, but this is the first time Folks has come forward claiming to have screwed one of them personally,” the website wrote back in May after Sic Willie revealed his “inappropriate physical relationship” with Haley.

Anyway, as we’ve said on numerous occasions in the past we oppose the grocery tax increase and think that Haley was insane to express her support for it. She may even wind up being protested one day as a result of her boneheaded decision …

That day has yet to come, though … despite what the nation’s foremost authority on tax policy says.