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September 7, 2009



GRAY COURT, SC, September 7, 2009 – Greg Snoad, a Mauldin High School social studies teacher long-active in politics, has formally announced his intention to launch a write-in campaign for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Jim DeMint.

Snoad likened his bid for office to an opportunity to take a stand for civilized political discussion, and noted that in writing his name on the ballot, voters have a chance to symbolically express their discontent over the current polarized state of politics.

“My firm belief is that instead of trying to develop different sides and waste so much time arguing with one another, we need to concentrate on a comprehensive approach; figure out what we are able to agree on and work from there,” said Snoad. “A write-in vote for Greg Snoad says that you agree to find common ground and build consensus.”

The Snoad campaign will focus on being a purely symbolic campaign conducted primarily through social media websites including Facebook and Twitter. Snoad views social media as a framework to help foster bipartisanship and bring voters together over issues.

“By writing in my name, voters will be declaring that they support a process, not a candidate,” said Snoad. “Likewise, one does not always have to adhere to the end result of the process to still support the idea, as long as they feel that the civil discussion about politics was worthwhile.”

Greg Snoad has taught social studies at Mauldin High School for 25 years. He teaches government, economics, European History and Global Studies. He has served on the Gray Court Town Council and currently serves on the Gray Court Planning Commission and the Board of Directors of the Pleasant View Community Center. He has been active in political campaigns for many years, and has always tried to bring real-life issues to his classroom teaching. He is a graduate of the University of Western Illinois, with a BA and MA in Political Science. He is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher, and was named South Carolina Social Studies Teacher of the Year in 2001.