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Jenny Sanford TM’s ongoing search for “privacy” has landed her on Facebook, where the (former?) S.C. First Lady has nearly 350 “friends,” including GOP gubernatorial nominee Nikki Haley and her ex-husband Mark Sanford’s current gubernatorial Chief of Staff, Scott English.

No word yet on what Mrs. Sanford’s “relationship status” is, although according to her recent article in Harper’s Bazaar she’s looking “for a true companion, someone to share the nightcap or bedtime story that gracefully brings closure to a full life.”

Hmmmm … so did things not work out with “Augusta boy?”

Do tell, JSS …

Look, we really do feel sorry for Jenny. She married a total fraud of a human being (both personally and politically) – a total Narcissist, exploiter and habitual liar who clearly never loved her and whose affair with his Latin mistress humiliated her, her family, and the entire state of South Carolina.

“Hiking the Appalachian Trail?”

What a mega-bag-o-douche …

Of course the sad reality is that in Jenny’s headlong, for-profit rush not to be labeled a “victim,” she’s become the same sort of needy attention whore as her husband, which would be marginally less hypocritical if she wasn’t constantly telling us how she was doing it all for her children.

Seriously, Jenny … “for the children?”

You sound like a career educrat defending our state’s failed status quo …

Anyway, our bad habit of calling things like we see them probably precludes us from being “Facebook friends” with Jenny, but you’re welcome to knock yourself out by clicking on the link below …

Jenny Sanford’s Facebook Page