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south carolina governor mark sanford

Now that his presidential aspirations have been dashed by his wayward penis, S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford has “gone limp” where he once stood firm on principle for Palmetto state taxpayers.

Sanford – who courageously attempted to block $700 million in so-called “stimulus” spending last year (well … at least until he caved at the last minute) – said Monday that his office would formally request $127 million in “stimulus” funds that will dumped directly into the black hole of our state’s inefficient, unaccountable Medicaid program. In other words, now that Sanford’s final term is winding down and there are no nationally-televised interviews to give or high profile fights to pick with Washington bureaucrats, he’s okay with pouring borrowed money into the same old sinkholes.


You know, it’s not like we needed any additional evidence of Sanford’s self-serving Narcissistic streak … but this is about as clear-cut an example of fraudulently shameful political behavior as we’ve ever seen in South Carolina (which is saying something).

When Sanford needed to advance his own national political interests, he fought for the taxpayers (at least up to the point of there being actual consequences). Now that his own interests are no longer relevant, he’s throwing in the towel without so much as a whimper.

Pardon our french, but what a little b*tch.

He’s even got his press flak claiming that he “never opposed” health care-related stimulus funds, which is obviously quite a different tune from the “taxation without representation” theme he trumpeted a year ago in describing the unfair practice of saddling of future generations with unprecedented levels of government debt.

Ironically, Sanford’s entire defense to the sex scandal that engulfed his administration shortly after the 2009 stimulus fight was that he had never failed us when it came to exercising his “fiduciary responsibility” to the taxpayers.

Wonder where that responsibility is now?