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U.S. Budget Chairman John Spratt gave a speech earlier this month bashing private accounts for America’s debt-laden Social Security system – a concept he supported in the not-too-distant past.

Of course what’s noteworthy about the embattled Congressman’s latest adventure in flip-flopping on this issue isn’t so much the Democratic talking points he regurgitates in this speech, it’s the way his handlers are continuing to limit public access to the fourteen-term incumbent. In fact, as Spratt was about to begin his address on Social Security, an attempt to videotape his remarks was shut down by one of his handlers.

“You’re not authorized to do that in here,” Spratt’s communications director Wayne Wingate scolds a would-be videographer, making a beeline toward his camera.

“Put it away, put it away, put it away,” Wingate insists, becoming increasingly agitated.

Seriously, people … this was a public event. And Spratt is a public official. What gives?

Well, in case you haven’t been following this race Spratt’s handlers have been doing this for months in an effort to shield their candidate – who has Parkinson’s disease – from questions about his increasingly liberal record. In fact here’s a refresher on Spratt’s definition of a “town hall” meeting. And here are a pair of clips that show just how out of touch – and “out of it” – Spratt was at those two meetings (click here and here).

No wonder he doesn’t want to be taped …

Anyway, here’s the link to Spratt’s speech if you care to hear it …

Meanwhile, Spratt’s opponent in November, fiscally conservative S.C. Senator Mick Mulvaney, told FITS earlier this year that he wants to have “multiple” debates over the course of the campaign with Spratt.

Wonder if the Congressman will refuse to let those be recorded as well?