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By FITSNews || The S.C. Democratic Party is pressuring GOP gubernatorial nominee Nikki Haley to fulfill a campaign promise and release six years worth of her income tax records.

Haley – who has made government transparency a central theme of her campaign – has previously refused to release ten years worth of tax records (calling such disclosure “excessive”).  She later told The (Columbia, S.C.) State newspaper that she would provide the records for the past six years, though – which corresponds to her 2004 election to the S.C. House of Representatives.

Nine days later, however, that still hasn’t happened – and Democrats have started a countdown website to remind the public of Haley’s failure to follow through.  Called “Haley in Hiding,” the website features a picture of the GOP candidate on the back of a milk carton.

Haley’s Democratic opponent, Vincent Sheheen, has already released ten years worth of his income tax records (read our report on what was in them here).

Haley’s financial disclosures became the subject of controversy when she revealed ( just hours before the 2010 GOP runoff election) that she had received more than $40,000 in unreported income from a company with business before the state.

Wilbur Smith Associates claims it hired Haley because she had “good contacts,” not because she was a lawmaker.

Previously during the campaign, Haley cited a legislative exemption from the state’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in an effort to keep her legislative correspondence hidden from public view.  Haley’s correspondence was sought by numerous media outlets after our website’s founding editor, Will Folks, acknowledged under duress having had an “inappropriate physical relationship” with Haley during the spring of 2007.

Haley In Hiding