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border jump

By FITSNews ||  After refusing to enforce its own immigration laws, the U.S. government is now blocking the state of Arizona from doing so.

In a ruling that sent shock waves across the country (and will likely play a key role in the November elections), U.S. District Court Judge Susan R. Bolton issued a preliminary injunction on Wednesday that bars the state from implementing key provisions of its new law.  Specifically, state and local law enforcement personnel will not be allowed to check an individual’s immigration status while enforcing other laws – which the new measure would have permitted.  Bolton’s ruling also forbids Arizona from charging anyone with a crime for failing to carry their immigration paperwork – even though federal law already requires legal immigrants to carry such documentation.

Bizarre, huh?

The federal government is basically outlawing the enforcement of its own statutes.

The ruling – which was sought by U.S. Justice Department attorneys acting on the direction of President Barack Obama – basically guts the state’s “controversial” new law, which was set to take effect at midnight.  Obama has previously referred to the law as “misguided,” although he has offered nothing beyond vague generalities when it comes to his position on immigration reform.

At the heart of Bolton’s ban is the presumption that the federal government simply doesn’t have the resources needed to secure its borders (which is ironic when you consider the trillions of dollars Obama has blown over the last two years on bailouts, deficit spending and a new socialized medicine law).

“Federal resources will be taxed and diverted from federal enforcement priorities as a result of the increase in requests for immigration status determination that will flow from Arizona,” Bolton wrote in her ruling.  “Requiring police to check the immigration status of those they arrest or whom they stop and suspect are in the country illegally would overwhelm the federal government’s ability to respond.”

In other words, the law is bad because it would successfully identify illegal aliens and force the federal government to deport them – which the last time we checked was the whole idea of having immigration laws in the first place.

But the Obama administration – which filed suit against the bill on July 6 – doesn’t want anybody deported.  Nearly 500,000 illegal immigrants currently reside in Arizona, and it’s obvious at this point that the federal government is more focused on creating a “path to citizenship” for them than sending them back home.

And that goes for millions of other illegals all across America.

Lawyers for Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer – who signed the bill in April after it was passed by the Arizona legislature – are expected to appeal the ruling, and the case is clearly headed to the U.S. Supreme Court.