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Joe Wilson’s In The Tea Party?



joe wilson pointing

By FITSNews || Prior to the election of Barack Obama, U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson was a big government Republicrat who supported bailouts and deficit spending under the administration of George W. Bush.

Now that there’s a Democrat in the White House – and voters have (finally) awakened to how government has been spending their money all these years – Wilson opposes bailouts and deficit spending.  How convenient, right?

Along the way, of course, Wilson took it upon himself to humiliate South Carolina by yelling “you lie” at Obama during a Presidential address to joint session of Congress … a childish stunt which has given him a tons of totally undeserved money, popularity and credibility within the limited government movement.

We’re still not buying it …

“Why did it take this long for Joe Wilson to discover his lungs?” we wrote at the time of his infamous outburst. “Weren’t there any big government lies to protest during the Bush years?  Oh right, Wilson was voting for all of those.”

Anyway, that’s what makes Wilson’s self-identification as a member of the U.S. House’s  “Tea Party Caucus” so ridiculous.  Or his self-identification as a Republican, for that matter.

Wilson is neither.  He’s a chameleon who changed his ideology based exclusively on political self-preservation, not the best interests of the taxpayers.  And while the “Tea Party” is indeed an amorphous, acephalous assemblage of all sorts of people (and should be open to all sorts of people), it does not exist to provide political cover to RINOs like Wilson.

Accordingly, if U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann wishes for her “Tea Party Caucus” to be taken seriously, she should show Joe Wilson the door.

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