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Reeves Addresses Arrest Record … Problematically




By FITSNews || He’s no Alvin Greene, but unlike the enigmatic Democratic Senatorial candidate, independent S.C. gubernatorial candidate Morgan Bruce Reeves is at least taking the time to explain his arrest record.

There’s just one problem … Reeves’ explanations are creating more questions than answers, particularly as it relates to his claim to fame as a former NFL running back for the Detroit Lions and Baltimore Colts.

From WACH TV 57 (FOX – Columbia, S.C.):

State Law Enforcement Division records show Reeves has several arrests for fraudulent checks on his record, along with an assault and battery charge that was later dismissed.

Reeves says he was defending himself from a bunch of people who jumped him.

“I had six little hippies, I call them, ran me off the road twice with my Rolls Royce. I pulled over, and what those hippies didn’t understand is that I hit linebackers everyday for a living in the NFL, and I beat six of them,” Reeves says. I knocked them out.”

Wow. That sounds pretty bad ass, Morgan.

Just one thing, though … when Reeves talks about hitting linebackers “everyday for a living in the NFL,” what exactly does he mean?

In preseason?

We ask this because there is no mention of a Morgan Bruce Reeves (or a Morgan Reeves or a Bruce Reeves) ever playing a single down with the Lions or the Colts  – or with any other NFL team, for that matter.  Reeves’ website also claims he was selected by the Detroit Lions in the 1981 draft, although there is no record of him being picked in that draft – or any other NFL draft.

Check out these links …

Detroit Lions All-Time Roster
Indianapolis Colts’ 2009 Media Guide (check pgs. 191-2 for all-time roster)
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1981 NFL Draft

The only evidence we’ve been able to uncover of Reeves’ NFL “career” is this image from a 1982 Baltimore Sun article which appears on his website.  Oddly, Reeves’ picture is shown but his name doesn’t appear in the story.  Of course it does appear that a name has been “whited out” when the article mentions players that were cut from the Baltimore Colts’ roster prior to that season.

Take a look:

reeves article

Hmmmmm …

Records do show that Reeves played three years with the Michigan State Spartans in college, and we’re guessing he attempted to win a spot on various NFL rosters as a free agent following his collegiate career.  But as far as we can tell he never made an NFL roster nor did he ever play a down in a regular season NFL game – which means he is not a former National Football League player.

Reeves may have seen action in a few preseason games, but ask any NFL player and they’ll tell you – preseason doesn’t count.

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