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cwp holder

By FITSNews || What a great headline, huh?

One week after our website broke the story of a new $10 charge that was to be levied against thousands of South Carolina concealed weapons permit (CWP) holders, the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) has rescinded the controversial measure.

According to a statement posted on SLED’s website Friday, the agency “will not be implementing the Digitized Fingerprinting Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP) program as was previously announced.”

Props to the folks over at GrassRoots Gun Rights who worked their butts off to shoot this measure down after we published our original story.  And yes, props to Gov. Mark Sanford whose office was instrumental in shutting the fee down.

Also, shame on the S.C. General Assembly for continuing to blow money on a host of unnecessary expenses – but then leaving a core function like law enforcement under-funded.  SLED Chief Reggie Lloyd is one of the few guys in government who’s doing something we want government to do (and doing it well).

That’s why it’s a shame that lawmakers chose to cut his budget this year while they poured more money into this nonsense.