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democrats tax hikes

By FITSNews || File this one under “we told you so.”

Repeatedly, in fact.

After campaigning on the provision of middle class tax relief two years ago, Democrats have not only failed to provide it – they are now on the verge of increasing the tax burden on all income earners (including the middle class).  Specifically, Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said on Tuesday that it would be “too costly” to extend middle class cuts permanently – and that tax increases would eventually be necessary to address America’s skyrocketing debt.

It’s a rare dose of straight talk from a top liberal leader and a marked contrast from President Barack Obama’s fantasy world, in which middle class tax cuts would be extended permanently.  Oh, and where rainbow-colored unicorns frolic under the shade of money trees that are always in bloom.

Still, Democrats are likely to join Republicans in temporarily extending the so-called “Bush tax cuts” for at least one more year – which is where Hoyer stops straight-talking and starts talking out of both sides of his mouth.  On the one hand he says that now is not the time to increase taxes.  On the other hand, he says that “raising revenue is part of the deficit solution, too.”

Sheesh … which is it, dude?

First of all, the notion that anybody is getting a “tax cut” these days is laughable.  The Bush tax cuts were (and are) a joke, as anybody who has paid income tax over the last decade can tell you.

Seriously, we don’t need tinkering around the edges of the various marginal rates, we need substantive, across-the-board reductions in all of them.  Real tax cuts (accompanied by real spending cuts) would have spurred real economic growth – but that’s not what happened under Bush’s “RINOcracy.”

Still, repealing any tax “relief” – however insignificant – would result in a backdoor tax hike that our economy doesn’t need right now.