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By FITSNews || Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will campaign with Nikki Haley in South Carolina over the next two weeks as the most bizarre primary election in Palmetto political history refuses to go gently into that good night (wax on, Al, wax on).

Meanwhile, Gresham Barrett – Haley’s opponent in the GOP runoff – launched his first TV ad of the two-week campaign, a spot called “Shake Up Columbia.”

Here it is …

Aside from his obvious effort to co-opt Haley’s reform message, Barrett’s ad makes a few not-so-thinly-veiled references to the recent allegations against his opponent.

Specifically, it refers to Barrett as a “Christian family man who won’t embarrass us.”

Obviously that’s a debatable point, but Barrett is clearly seeking to sow doubts in the minds of primary voters who overwhelmingly supported Haley on Tuesday night.

Haley finished with 49 percent of the vote, compared to 22 percent for Barrett.

Still in play are the endorsements of S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster and Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, who garnered 17 and 13 percent of the GOP vote, respectively.  Sources tell FITS that both McMaster and Bauer have been in communication with the Haley and Barrett campaigns although no deals have been cut … yet.

The winner of the GOP runoff will face Democrat Vincent Sheheen, who pummeled S.C. Superintendent of Education Jim Rex to capture his party’s nomination outright.

As for Romney, who finished a disappointing fourth in the SCGOP presidential primary two years ago, you have to wonder what Haley’s people are hoping to gain from his visit.  After all, his appearance with Haley will probably raise several questions the presumed nominee

For example, does she agree with his health care plan? What about his original position on abortion?

Frankly, we think more than anything else the Romney visit is meant to send a message to Barrett’s consulting team, which managed Romney’s South Carolina bid.

The message?

“Drop out, dude.”