mark sanford restructuring

By FITSNews || S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford will not veto the entire $21.1 billion state budget this year, sources tell FITS.

Instead, Sanford will issue “lots of” individual vetoes, although our sources declined to say how many vetoes will be issued or whether the governor has a specific dollar amount in mind.  Sanford has yet to disclose his intentions regarding the state budget, which was passed last Thursday just fifteen minutes before lawmakers adjourned for the year.

In previous years, Sanford has gone both ways – veto speaking, that is – rejecting the entire spending plan as well as targeting his vetoes toward programs he didn’t like.

Governors in South Carolina do have the “line-item” veto, but the bundled manner in which the budget is written makes it difficult for them to get at individual spending items.  We have long advocated for an online checkbook – not only for transparency’s sake but because it would better enable governors to target unnecessary spending.

However busy Sanford’s veto pen ends up being, we’re hearing that there’s a growing sentiment within the House Republican Caucus to support his decisions.

That could mean some real savings to S.C. taxpayers if Sanford decides to get aggressive – which we hope he does.