By FITSNews || For a campaign employee she claims to have barely known, S.C. Rep. Nikki Haley certainly paid plenty of late night visits to our founding editor’s town house in early 2007.

In fact, multiple witnesses are coming forward to say that they saw Haley’s white Cadillac SUV – identified by a Haley campaign sticker and State Legislator licenses plate – outside of Will Folks’ downtown Columbia, S.C. town house at all hours of the day and night during the time period that Folks’ alleges he and Haley had an “inappropriate physical relationship.”

One of these witnesses even preemptively contacted Folks on the day the story broke in an effort to distance himself from the pressure that was being exerted on the blogger by Haley’s enemies.

Here’s the message, which was received in Folks’ Facebook email account:

haley car at will folks house

Another witness who walked by Folks’ town house every night during early 2007 on his way home from work claims to have seen Haley’s car parked there on multiple occasions late at night.

It is expected that both witnesses – whose names are being protected for fear of retaliation – will testify to what they saw, along with numerous other witnesses who were aware of the relationship at the time and can provide details of what they saw.

Additionally, in early 2009 Folks now acknowledges being confronted with a photograph of himself and Haley in what he calls a “compromising position.”  The photograph was allegedly taken by a private investigator hired to uncover dirt on him, not Haley.

“They were looking for dirt on you,” a source familiar with the photo tells FITS. “What they got was you and her.”

Just as he did with the information he was receiving prior to this scandal breaking, Folks contacted Haley to warn her about the existence of the photograph.

“I pray you escape all this,” Folks wrote Haley in an email message in mid-March of 2009.

Haley wrote back encouraging Folks and apologizing for the situation.

“Stay strong. Have faith,” Haley replied to Folks.  “I’m sorry for any pain you are having to go through. You will be ok and better for it.”

“I have considered leaving the whole business,” Folks replied.

“Focus on healing yourself and clearing your mind,” Haley responded. “It will help you get everything into a realistic perspective. Only then can you make the right decisions for you and your family. You will get through this. I promise.”

Haley and Folks also had several extended phone conversations at the time concerning the photograph, which was never made public.

The possibility that photographic evidence of an affair existed was one of the main reasons that our founding editor chose to preemptively address the issue on FITS earlier this week.

In fact, Haley’s campaign manager Tim Pearson – who knew about the first picture – alluded to the possibility that there might be additional photographic evidence in one of the dozens of text messages he exchanged with Folks in the days prior to the story breaking.

“If he has a pic its very new,” Haley’s campaign manager wrote Folks on May 21, referring to one of the campaign operatives who was allegedly pushing the story with members of the mainstream media.

A list of witnesses and voluminous phone, text and email records dating back to the time of the affair are currently in the process of being compiled by Folks’ team of advisors.

Stay tuned …