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By FITSNews || The first woman (out of eleventy kabillion) to be romantically-linked to golfer Tiger Woods is posing for Playboy.

Rachel Uchitel, who was allegedly paid $10 million to keep her mouth shut about “riding the Tiger,” will get an undisclosed amount of money for showing her bum and boobs (but not her va-jay-jay) in an upcoming edition of the magazine.

Also, either it’s really cold in Los Angeles or Rachel Uchitel is very, very happy to see you.

UPDATE: Note to Playboy – our imagination is about to cheat you out of $6.

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rachel 001 rachel 002 rachel 003 rachel 004 rachel 005 rachel 006

UPDATE II: Ha! Told you so.  We made that green maxi-dress disappear like THAT (fingers snap), son.