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cash money

By FITSNews || The familiar refrain – shouted annually from the rooftops by taxpayer-funded educrats – is that South Carolina doesn’t spend enough money on public education.  In good times or bad times, the song remains the same: “We need ‘mo money, yo …”

Clearly that’s 100 percent bullsh*t, as evidenced by the record amount of funding that our worst-in-the-nation public school system has received in each of the last two years (click here and here for those stats) as well as the hundreds of millions that school districts have tucked away in reserve accounts.

What’s been the “return on investment?”

Well, South Carolina’s overall graduation rate remains among the worst in the nation – which is consistent with our state’s declining SAT and ACT scores.  Also, South Carolina’s rural graduation rate also ranks dead last in the country.  We’ve made no progress whatsoever, in other words … and yet the only solution policymakers have come up with to turn things around (well other than boatloads of new taxpayer cash) is to dumb down our state-administered test scores to make it look like more students are passing.

Nice, huh?

Anyway, while educrats bemoan the “massive cuts” to their funding, here is the actual district-by-district breakdown of public education funding from the 2008-09 school year, as compiled by our friends at The Voice

SC Public School Funding 2008-09 (The Voice)