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By FITSNews || Shame on S.C. Treasurer Converse Chellis, whose first TV ad includes a gratuitous shot at former S.C. Treasurer Thomas Ravenel, the Lowcountry fiscal conservative who resigned in the wake of a drug scandal three years ago.

“When crisis rocked the State Treasurer’s Office, South Carolina turned to Converse Chellis,” the incumbent’s introductory TV ad proclaims over images of ‘Ravenel Indicted’ headlines.

The ad goes on to say that Chellis “restored integrity and stability” to the office, before claiming that he is a “proven conservative.”

Here’s the clip …

First of all, if Converse Chellis is a “proven conservative,” then we’re f*cking Daffy Duck.

In addition to a long history of fiscally reckless votes in the legislature and on the Budget and Control Board, Chellis has also funded bailouts for money-losing private maritime museums – the definition of “picking a loser” in the marketplace.  Also, if you’re going to “restore integrity and stability” to the office, it might help to actually BE in the office – which has apparently been a bit of a problem for Chellis (who makes $92,000 a year and has all sorts of taxpayer-funded perks in his “part-time” position).

But here’s our real beef with this ad – it’s the way that Chellis brazenly seeks to profit from the misfortune of a guy who has done nothing but take his medicine like a man.

Say what you want about Thomas Ravenel (and people have said plenty), but the guy took responsibility for his actions – he didn’t duck and run like a coward.  Nor did he pull a Mark Sanford and turn his personal crisis into an ongoing Narcissistic rant.

What did he do?  He accepted his sentence and did his time in a federal prison – never once bitching about the fact that he got set up or that he was incarcerated out of politically-correct spite.

Oh, and whatever personal failings Ravenel may have had, he never let them interfere with protecting the taxpayers, which was the job he was elected to do in the first place.

Obviously, we disagree with most aspects of U.S. drug policy, but the case of Thomas Ravenel was a political hit – one that was called in as soon as the political establishment in Columbia (notably Senate Finance Chairman Hugh Leatherman and House Ways and Means Chairman Danny Cooper) recognized that the new Treasurer wasn’t going to vote in lockstep with the liberal “tax and spend” agenda supported by his predecessor.

Chellis, incidentally, has been a reliable “big government” vote for Leatherman and Cooper ever since taking his seat on the board …

Restoring integrity?

Please …

UPDATE: Forgot to mention … Ravenel declined to comment for our story.