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tim scott taxpayer hero

By FITSNews || S.C. Rep. Tim Scott is on the airwaves in the crowded race for the Palmetto State’s First Congressional District … and don’t look now but we may have another Mark Sanford on our hands.

Wait … not like that, obviously.

What we mean is that like the Palmetto state’s disgraced governor, Scott is very, very (very) good on TV – something that can’t be taught.

Scott’s ad focuses on his opposition to “Obamacare,” a fight that he has been leading in recent months with fellow Rep. Jeff Duncan and State Sen. Mick Mulvaney, both of whom are also seeking Congressional seats in 2010.

“Obamacare taxes too much, spends too much, it’s bad for health care and it’s unconstitutional,” Scott says in the thirty-second spot.

Of course that’s not the message that drew us to this ad.

“Businesses create jobs when government gets out of the way,” Scott says later on in the spot, a line that we believe hits the nail on the head in this – or any other – political campaign.

Rather than promising to create jobs or touting the use of government largesse to create additional bureaucratic positions (a la Vincent Sheheen’s new ad in the gubernatorial race), Scott has hit upon a very subtle messaging theme.  He’s quietly shifting the responsibility for job creation off of government’s shoulders and back onto the shoulders of the private sector (where it belongs), a message that has been completely lost by politicians of both parties.

Anyway, you can check out Scott’s ad for yourself by clicking here …