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By FITSNews || Last week we had a little bit of fun at the expense of the lovely Rose Mary Parham, a Republican who is running for Solicitor of South Carolina’s Twelfth Judicial Circuit (which is in the middle of the Pee Dee region of the state).

Today, it’s the turn of her opponent – Democrat Ed Clements III – who told a Rotary Club in Lake City, S.C. last month that running for a fourth term as Solicitor was “God’s calling.

Sheesh …

We’re curious, though … was it also “God’s calling” for Clements to place “Re-elect Ed Clements” campaign magnets all over his taxpayer-provided Ford Expedition?

FITS “ran the plates” on this particular vehicle and found that it is indeed owned by Florence County and authorized for Clements’ official use.  That means it is public property, and state ethics law clearly prohibits using taxpayer time, resources or equipment (including vehicles) for campaign purposes.


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