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By FITSNews || Talk about a pulse-pounding, people!

S.C. Supreme Court hottie Stephanie Nye, who our founding editor slipped a note before gym class last year (she never responded), is back in action as the editor of The Briefcase, the official blog of the S.C. Women Lawyers’ Association.

Not only does Nye’s new site have tons of information about chicks lawyering and what not, there’s also a friggin’ five megabyte full-body shot of the hottie herself.  Seriously, people … check out the high definition on those gray satin, black patent leather Mary Jane pumps.

(Click to enlarge)

stephanie nye shoes


Just … swoon.

Anyway, as much as we’d love to talk kicks all day (and we hear the spring styles at the State House this year are STRONG), this post is actually a reminder that we will be accepting nominations for our second annual S.C. Hottest Lawyer Competition later this week.

Stay tuned for that post …

Oh, and before any Feminazis in the audience accuse us of condescension, patronization or (even worse) outright misogyny, we would remind them of the “Murray rule” from the movie Clueless, which holds that slang (and presumably satire, like ours) is an “increasingly valid form of expression,” and while it may include some mocking, it is “not necessarily in misogynistic undertones.”

Also, hundreds of people who had never heard of the S.C. Women Lawyers’ Association are now clicking on the organization’s website.

Like … now …

South Carolina Women Lawyers’ Association Blog

Pic: The Briefcase