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By FITSNews || It’s pretty hard to screw up something as simple as an Interstate, but this is South Carolina we’re talking about, people.

Not only are the vast majority of our elected officials perfectly willing to kill “golden egg-laying geese,” but judging from the look of them many probably would wouldn’t mind “having a go” with the geese first (Anderson County, represent).

Anyway, in the latest example of the Palmetto state’s ass-backward inbrededness screwing up everything it touches, the tiny town of Ridgeland, S.C. (in Jasper County) announced this week that it will use automated cameras to issue speeding tickets to motorists on Interstate 95.  Offenders will receive a copy of the speeding citation in the mail as well as a link to a website where they can access footage of themselves speeding.

The cameras will be operational later this summer, and will be placed on a stretch of road where the speed limit is 70 miles per hour.

Hmmmmm …

Other than the invasion of privacy and obvious congestion problems this will cause (who the hell drives 70 miles per hour on I-95???), all we can say to this is “way to go, South Carolina.”

Ripping off passing motorists to grow local government … you just gotta love the “reddest state in America,” don’t you?

Pretty soon we’ll see these scams up and down all of our interstates, as well as toll roads that automatically deduct money from your bank account – whether you shared that info with the government or not.

Sheesh …