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jenny sanford discount

By FITSNews || “You’re now down with a discount …”

At least that’s true if you’re purchasing (former) S.C. First Lady Jenny Sanford’s femmoir, Cutting Ass … err, Staying True, which is now being offered to Barnes & Noble book club members for 20 percent off.

Oh, this is the recorded version of the book, too, “as read by the author” (editor’s note: oooooooh).

Anyway, while Jenny’s book begins its inevitable progression to Lifetime television, FITS is hearing some interesting rumors about her new beau, Clay Boardman.  It’s been less than a month since we first broke the story of their relationship, but the folks at Surrey Tavern in Boardman’s hometown of Augusta, Georgia are already starting to talk.

Stay tuned … this could get very, very interesting.

Also, when the hell is Gov. Mark Sanford going to cash in on this situation by writing his own book?

Unlike Jenny or her new boyfriend, he does need the money …

And when are we going to see his Latin lover Maria Belen Chapur in South Carolina, or has she already dropped him like a bad habit?