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may day

By FITSNews || “Bureaucrats of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your taxpayer-funded largesse …”

This might as well be government’s new rallying cry – in your hometown, county, state and certainly in Washington, D.C. – which means that we might as well start celebrating “May Day” here in America the way they used to celebrate it in Soviet Russia, with parades of tanks, missile launchers and goose-stepping soldiers ready to “protect” you from yourself.

At all levels, government has taken the “opportunity” presented by an ongoing recession to grow by leaps and bounds and slip its tentacles deeper into our daily lives.  In fact, at the federal level government growth has been unprecedented – with the administrations of President George W. Bush and Barack Obama collaborating to spend, lend or pledge $13 trillion on their various “recovery” efforts.  That figure includes at least $3.5 trillion in direct deficit spending, $1 trillion in “quantitative easing” (a.k.a. money-printing) and trillions more to re-inflate the same bubble whose inevitable burst landed us in this mess in the first place.

Smart thinking there, guys and gals.

On top of that, we now have a $2.5 trillion socialized medicine plan that we have to pick up the tab for (as if it wasn’t going to be hard enough already to pay all that money back) – a plan that actually forces Americans to purchase something or else pay the government a hefty fine.

WTF, America?  Seriously?

So … what have been the fruits of this unprecedented spending orgy?

Well, the American economy has shed 8 million jobs over the last two years, and none of the sluggish growth we have witnessed recently has been accompanied by jobs (unless you count all those temporary Census positions).

Here in South Carolina, things are especially bad – despite the infusion of more than $2 billion in “stimulus” funds.  Already beset with high unemployment and low income levels compared to the national average, the Palmetto State continues to operate like a banana republic, pretending that one massive economic announcement (which was purchased with hundreds of millions of dollars in tax credits) is something to brag about.

In other words, we’re not keeping our eye on the ball …

Meanwhile, our anti-competitive public school system is at the bottom of the national rankings, our anti-competitive legal climate remains among the nation’s worst, our government structure remains among the nation’s least efficient while our state’s income tax rate (which is the tax most directly linked with economic activity) remains among the nation’s highest.

On top of that, state lawmakers have the same addiction to new spending that has infected their federal counterparts.  For the coming fiscal year, South Carolina will spend an estimated $21.1 billion, which is the largest budget in state history – and $1 billion more than was spent during the current fiscal year.

Back in 2005 – when government was spending “only” $16.8 billion a year and the economy was much better off than it is today –  South Carolina ranked tenth in the nation in terms of the size of state government relative to gross state product.

We’d hate to fathom what that statistic is today …

Not surprisingly, personal income levels in South Carolina remain well behind the national average … which is where they are likely to stay until we replace our RINOcrat legislative leaders with fiscal conservatives like State Senators Tom Davis, Mick Mulvaney, Phil Shoopman and Kevin Bryant, and State Representatives like Nikki Haley, Jeff Duncan, Eric Bedingfield and Tim Scott.

Sadly, that doesn’t seem likely to happen anytime soon …

Similarly, while we’re encouraged by the number of competitive races, everybody knows what happened the last time Republicans were swept into office promising change.  This is why we need to make sure that these “Republican” candidates actually have a record of voting to protect the taxpayers – like Scott, Mulvaney and Duncan do.

Anyway, until things turn around we will continue to mark “May Day” as a reminder of just how far our “free” country and “free market” economy have fallen from grace …