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jenny sanford first lady

By FITSNews || Former S.C. First Lady Jenny Sanford, ex-wife of Gov. Mark Sanford, will be in Atlanta tonight signing copies of her book Staying True.  At least that’s according to a fawning marketing release … err, review … written by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Jenny says that “Atliens” who show up for the event – which is being held at a suburban Books-A-Million – can ask her anything.

“The world knows my personal business,” she told the AJC. “They did even before I wrote the book.”

Meanwhile, back at the S.C. Governor’s Mansion, sources tell FITS that numerous events are taking place with no one representing the First Family – a situation that has become rather embarrassing for the mansion staff.

Recently an event was held honoring the mansion’s longtime horticulturalist, Mike Lee.  No one representing the First Family was present – the latest in a long line of events that are taking place with no one representing either Sanford, his family or the state.

“When ol’ cad Strom (Thurmond) was single, he got his mean as hell sister, Gertrude to stand at the front door and be his first lady,” one source tells FITS. “That dumb ass Mark has a mother, sister, sisters in law and about a dozen fat short Chanel-suited GOP wives who could stand there and make him look or at least somewhat half ass honorable. All they have to say, is ‘the Governor welcomes you to the Governor’s Mansion.'”

Jenny Sanford said in March that she would continue performing First Lady duties, but she’s obviously busy selling books and dating a new man.  Oh, and putting her kids first, of course (how could we forget that).

“No one been there on his behalf since the Easter egg hunt,” a source at the mansion tells FITS.  “The staff does not know if or when Jenny will be back for these events.”

UPDATE: Oh yeah … we took this pic in the Columbia (S.C.) Metropolitan Airport last week prior to leaving on our trip to Michigan.  Funny juxtaposition, huh?

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