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By FITSNews || We eat meat like it’s going out of style.  We also wear leather boots from time to time … and enjoy the circus.

According to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), though, all three of those things are evil – well, except for wearing leather boots, obviously (as evidenced by the footwear that PETA’s latest cover girl Olivia Munn wore to the unveiling of PETA’s new anti-circus ad).

“As nature intended let Elephants be free,” the ad says, before advising us to “Boycott the Circus.”

Sheesh, PETA.  “Boycott the Circus?” We’re cracking down on the joy of children now?

Look … we’ve had a soft spot in our hearts for elephants ever since we learned of their plight in The Gods Must Be Crazy II.  But the last time we checked (February) elephants in the circus had it made better than most rock stars.  Seriously, it’s like that Motley Crue video for “Home Sweet Home,” except with elephants.

Also this reminds us … we’re really, really (really) sic of people telling us someone “got nude” or “got naked” only to find the pictures and discover that hands and feet were obscuring the view.  Olivia Munn may have “gotten naked” for PETA’s photographer, but she didn’t get naked for you …

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Pics: via The Beer Goggler