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party bus

By FITSNews || Last week, we stumbled upon an interesting tidbit regarding the Columbia (S.C.) mayoral race.  It involved numerous “sample ballots” that were being distributed to parishioners at various African-American churches around town less than 48 hours before last week’s election.

These ballots urged church-goers to cast their vote for Columbia attorney Steve Benjamin – which raised a few eyebrows seeing as no one was exactly who paid for them (which is a violation of campaign law).

For more on that story, click here.

Anyway, Friday afternoon we stumbled upon another example of questionable tactics allegedly being employed by Benjamin’s campaign – which must “turn out” the African-American vote in a big way next Tuesday (April 20) if Benjamin hopes to win his runoff election against city councilman Kirkman Finlay III.

Well, it looks like nothing’s out of bounds when it comes to that effort …

According to a video clip posted on YouTube, an unidentified African-American woman tells an interviewer that a “young man … on the campaign of Steve Benjamin” provided voters with food, drinks and other “incenitives (sic)” as well as rides on a “Party Bus” in exchange for their votes.

Check out the video:

Amazing …

Obviously, we’re all for as many people as possible availing themselves of their constitutional right to vote.  Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in Democracy’s sight – or at least they should be.

Of course if the admission contained in this clip is accurate, this isn’t expanding democracy … it’s vote-buying.

In fact, we have no idea what the procedure is for protesting absentee ballots, but the last time we checked it was illegal to offer anybody any sort of “incenitives” (including food, drink or a ride on the “party bus”) in exchange for their vote.

Finlay’s campaign was not immediately available for comment on the video, but a spokesman said that the campaign “was aware of” the clip.

Developing …

UPDATE: Whoever cut the video, we’ve got to say the John Philip Sousa was a nice touch …

Absentee Voting In Columbia, S.C. (You Tube)