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k smile

By FITSNews || For those of you contemplating the inner workings of our vast (and growing) new media empire, there’s a pretty simple delineation of authority: Sic Willie basically pretends he’s in charge, while the brains of our outfit, PR guru Nancy Mace, runs the show from her spacious Peachtree offices in Atlanta.

Backing Mace are three powerful law firms and two financial institutions in three different states, as well as a gentleman we’ll refer to simply as Ron (think “The Wolf” from Pulp Fiction, only replace the tuxedo with overalls).  Anyway, as formidable as this posse may appear, the ultimate power behind-the-scenes at FITS is the lovely Mrs. Sic – who manages not only the checkbook(s), but every detail of our founding editor’s chaotic and yet remarkably unproductive life.

In case it’s not painfully evident from reading this website, Sic Willie is an infant.  Like Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock had a love child with that Dionne chick from Clueless … except white, obviously.

How much money does Sic make?  He has no idea.

How much is this website or his company worth?  Again … absolutely no idea.

Heck … how much is the tab when he takes the family to their favorite Mexican joint for dinner?

“Lady Macbeth will take that,” Sic points in his wife’s direction every time the check arrives.

When we say Sic Willie lacks an elementary financial education – that’s putting it nicely.  He flat out can’t count … which is why every time tax season rolls around it falls to Mrs. Sic to make heads or (usually) tails of what she refers to as his “shady business.”

And having just completed the annual ordeal (just in time), the usually laid-back Michigan hottie was spouting some strangely “Sic-like” rhetoric.

From the lovely Mrs. Sic’s Facebook page:

The government obviously dislikes small businesses, doesn’t want them to make any profit and wants us totally and completely dependent and indebted to them. We need to rise up and take back our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.


Oh, and for those of you who don’t know (or are blind), Mrs. Sic is quite Sha-zam! to look at, too … (bow chicka wow wow).

And yes, player … we will “play on.”