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By FITSNews || A candidate for the S.C. House of Representatives admits that he took a Rolex watch as a gift from an individual who he helped to obtain a government job.

Lexington City Councilman Danny Frazier – who has been in our crosshairs previously regarding his support for taxpayer-funded lobbying – made the acknowledgment through his attorney via court papers obtained by FITS.

According to those documents, Frazier obtained the Rolex watch “for (his) efforts on Plaintiff’s behalf including encouragement and support when Plaintiff sought and obtained employment with Lexington County.”

Nice …

Amazingly, rather than just paying for the watch and eliminating any ethical questions, Frazier’s attorney is working hard to reinforce the fact that it was a gift.

“(Frazier) received the watch as a gift … and had no means of knowledge to determine the watch was anything other than a gift.”


We’ve heard that Danny Frazier is among the most corrupt politicians ever to run for public office in South Carolina – which, believe us, is saying something given the parasitic scum that pass for “leaders” in this state.  In fact, check out some of the comments on this post from La Socialista – a.k.a. The (Columbia, S.C.) State newspaper – from the day he made his candidacy official.


Frazier is running against former S.C. Majority Leader Rick Quinn for S.C. House District 69.


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